stationary waste compactor / plastic / for polystyrene / top-loading



  • Mobility:


  • Type of waste:

    plastic, for polystyrene

  • Type:


  • Output:

    30 kg/h (66 lb/h)


The expanded polystyrene is shredded in a first stage then, in a second stage, compacted by means of a screw and of a channel of reserve.
The great volume of the feed hopper (322 liters.) allows to feed the machine in products to be compacted (cases for fish, packing of electric household appliances, chock...), the crushing and the compaction can be carried out without the presence of an operator.
The time of functioning is adjustable One can hang a plastic bag (110 liters or more) at the end of the channel of compaction to collect the compacted product (and possible water in the case of the fish cases).