intermediate proofer
CFPL DF series

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intermediate proofer intermediate proofer - CFPL DF series


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Slow Proofing
CFPL DF range

The CFPL DF proofers are designed for bakeries in a slow-proofing bread-making process.

The range of CFPL DF proofers can accommodate 2-18 racks of 400x600 mm (CFPL DF 46 models) or 1-9 racks of 600x800 mm (CFPL DF 68 models).
With its double flow ventilation system, it ensures a natural and continuous airflow of +2°C to +16°C, over all the products.
Even and controlled flow ensures quality proofing while perfectly respecting the dough.

Technical Data

The double flow evaporator
1.Natural and continuous airflow
The new evaporator in the CFPL DF range has been selected for its gentle power and efficiency.
The 350 mm diameter centrally located ventilators (1 to 4 on each evaporator), move a large volume of air at extremely low speed.
No need for a hygrometric system, the humidity rate is naturally regulated.
2.Double diffusion
Positioned on the ceiling of the proofer, the ventilation blows from above, thereby respecting the natural direction of air convection.
The aspiration is done by the ventilator(s) (1 to 4 depending on the model).
3.Power and modularity
The exchange surface of the evaporator is greater than that of a conventional intermediate proofer.
The evaporator is sized to fit into the intermediate proofer in order to obtain optimum performance.
The expansion valve with external pressure equalization ensures optimum filling of the evaporator, depending on the mass of products present in the intermediate proofer.