digital multimeter / analog / portable / 600 V
C.A 5011



  • Type:

    digital, analog

  • Form:


  • Max voltage:

    600 V

  • Max current:

    10 A

  • Safety rating:

    cat III

  • Other characteristics:

    true RMS

  • Applications:



The C.A 5011TRMS multimeter gives the RMS value whatever the type of signal (sinusoidal or distorted).
This makes it ideal for all types of installations, even those involving "non-linear" loads.
•Automatic recognition of AC/DC
•AC/DC voltage: 400 mV to 600 V (5 ranges)
•Operating frequency: 20Hz to 10 kHz
•Typical accuracy: 0.5% -Impedance: 10 MΩ
•AC/DC current: 400 µA to 10 A (6 ranges)
•Resistance: 400 Ω to 40M Ω(6 ranges)
•Continuity test: (R< 400 Ω) and diode test
•Frequency: 4 kHz to 400 kHz(3 ranges)
•Reading of dB scale from -20 to16 dB
•Fuse status LED
•"Voltest"LED if a voltage is present in ohmmeter and continuity modes
•Max and Hold functions
•Can be used as a zero galvanometer
•Dimensions: 160 x 105 x 56 mm
•Weight: 500g
•Use on any installation rated lower than or equal to CAT III 600 V as per IEC/EN 61010-1 Edition 2