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belt filter press / automatic / for sludge treatment
CNP series



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    for sludge treatment


The belt filter press type CNP is a machine with double belt for sludge dewatering by gradual pressing between two permeable belts crossing each other in a “S” way made by rollers with decreasing diameter.
The sludge conditioned by chemical reagents, is discharged to the load hopper where there is the first separation, by gravity, of the water kept in the sludge; the sludge is turned over on the other belt, and after the cone zone it is pressed between the two belts in the pressing zone.
The pressing action increases thanks to different diameters of the rollers within the press.
The washing water and the filtrate are discharged into the storage tank, while the dehydrated sludge is removed from the clothes using scrapers. Then the dewatered sludge is deposited in the outside of the machine.
The clothes washing is done by two rows of washing nozzles which spray water onto the cloths at a pressure of 5 bar, using a centrifugal pump.