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polyelectrolyte preparation station
SPP series



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The automatic station for the continuos preparation of polyelectrolyte solution model SPP, is a machine to use in the sludge mechanical dehydration processes, realized by dehydration machines with little sizes, or where reduced consumptions of flocculate are requested.
The product in powder form, before be used for the flocculation of sludge, must be diluted in water, so to obtain the wished concentration and also must undergo a 30 to 40 minute maturity process.
The polyelectrolyte in powder form is loaded into a hopper equipped with screw batching machine, which transports the product through a warmed conduit, making it to fall on the water blade device.
The product is diluted and mixed in the first sector by a mixer and then, using a siphon system, it enters in the second sector. The product is stored and matures in this section.
In the second sector, if required, a second mixer and the douser pump, complete with hydraulic circuits and including interception valves, flowmeter and blow-by of the circuit, can be installed.