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drum thickener / for sludge treatment
CAD series



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    for sludge treatment


The dynamic thickner CAD is a rotating drum machinery, which is able to thicken the sludges not thickened, till arriving to a concentration of 10-12%.
The sludge, conditioned with chemical reagents (polyelectrolytes), is introduced in the mixer, equipped with variable rotations stirrers. This mixer is positioned outside the thickner and is used to optimize the coagulant efficacy and to reduce the consumption of the product. Subsequently, the flocculated sludge is conveyed inside the thickening drum.
The flocculated sludge is drained by the cloth in polyester, which envelops completely the drum. The water contained in the sludge, passing trough the cloth, is collected in the bottom tank and subsequently discharged. In the meantime, the sludge is conveyed outside the drum, by the inside screw, which makes also a mechanical retention, to increase the times of sludge staying on the cloth.
The drained and thickned sludge is discharged outside by the discharge outlet, to whom it is possible to couple a collection hopper, or is directly discharged in a containment tank, or in one or our belt filter press to be even more pressed and dehydrated.
To increase the drainage efficacy, the cloth is continuously washed by a rack of spraying nozzles, which covers all the length of the drum, with water having a pressure of about 3 bar.