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universal testing machine / compression / tensile / bending



  • Test type:

    compression, universal, tensile, bending, creep, life cycle, stress test


The TENSILON RTG is our newest universal testing machine providing, cost-effective measurement with a higher level of accuracy.

Highly accurate Class 1 testing machine
Rated output accuracy of up to 1/500 is guaranteed
High-speed sampling:1 msec
A maximum of 13 input signal channels
Color touch panel (optional)
Various operational environments

MSAT (Multi Signal Analysis Testing)
Data processing software for comprehensive control of a testing machine
The MSAT series is equipped with functions for not only testing machine operation but also data analysis, calculation and data storage for each testing mode. The operator can select Standard test (tensile, compression and bending) mode, Peeling test mode, Cycle test mode, Creep test mode, Stress relaxation test mode etc. depending on the purpose of the test.

Personal computer operation environment OS: Windows XP Professional. Program size: 80Mb or smaller. Memory requirement: 512Mb or over. Authority requirement: Administrator authority. USB: One USB port. Display resolution: 800x600 dots or higher color display

Detachable digital display for load and displacement indication. This display can be attached with magnets to any part of the machine and it does not obstruct the user when fixing a sample to the jig or testing a sample as its position can be freely adjusted.