thermal analysis stereo microscope / measuring / optical
Q-400 µDIC



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    for thermal analysis


Solution: The Q-400 μDIC system is specially designed for measurement of warpage and thermal expansion within the micro-electronics/components industry working with electronic miniaturization and high-density package design. The solution helps to measure the precise deformation in cases where simulations are not possible or simply just a necessity. The solution comes as a complete system with stereo microscope, illumination, heating/cooling stage, 5 megapixel cameras and user friendly measurement software.

Results: The system provides easy and fast full-field, 3D deformation and strain analysis. The results include complete shape, deformation and strain data, temporal and spatial plots, data of virtual strain gauges, STL data for CAD processing as well as images and movies for presentation purposes.

Benefits: Easy and fast FEM validation and CTE determination thru real-time image correlation of shape, deformation and strain with sub-micron accuracy. Both setup, focusing and calibration are easy and smooth allowing you to focus on what’s really matter: 3D warpage measurements that have never been easier.