UV-polymerized adhesive / epoxy / for metal / for plastics



  • Chemical composition:


  • Product applications:

    for metal, for plastics

  • Number of components:


  • Technical characteristics:

    fast-curing, UV-polymerized, light-cured, visible light-cured, low outgassing, chemical-resistant

  • Field:

    industrial, for electronics, for the automotive industry, optical, for displays


DELO is known for supplying various light curing and UV-curing epoxy resins. The product ranges includes adhesives for complex automotives and optoelectronic applications, with the chip encapsulants being suitable for fast in-line processes. The encapsulants with a high water barrier work for organic electronics and many more applications, while the high transparency and the thermal stability should also be mentioned.

Other important properties of this item include low shrinkage during polymerization, along with a good chemical resistance, low outgassing and high ion purity. There are several special features of the products in this series, which make it possible for the item to bond opaque materials as well.

UV glue: Curing within seconds for short cycle times in production
UV adhesive suitable for opaque materials
Suitable for a wide range of temperatures
Quick and reliable UV curing