liquid filter / hydraulic / in-line / compact
Magnom CP

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liquid filter / hydraulic / in-line / compact liquid filter / hydraulic / in-line / compact - Magnom CP


  • Designed for:

    liquid, hydraulic

  • Other characteristics:

    in-line, compact, high-pressure, screw-lock, magnetic

  • Operating pressure:

    3,000 psi, 6,000 psi, 16,000 psi, 24,000 psi


The Magnom CP bidirectional in-line magnetic filter is designed for liquid, gas and grease systems in a variety of industrial and hydraulic applications (smaller transmissions, hydraulic lines and 'on vehicle' automotive systems) and provides protection for valves and similar key components. This highly compact and flexible circulation protection unit (CP) features two cores and is capable of withstanding maximum operating pressure of 207 barg (3,000 psig) or 414 barg (6,000 psig), at maximum temperatures of up to 150 ºC (302 ºF) with bursting pressure of 1,103 barg (16,000 psig) or 1655 barg (24,000 psig). The construction materials include aluminum alloy or stainless steel (mandrel, housing), mild steel (flux plate) and Samarium Cobolt/SmCo (magnet). Additionally this model uses standard SAE-12 fittings.