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RF connector / USB / rectangular / grounding
152 series

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RF connector RF connector - 152 series


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Druseidt high-flexible connectors and high-current connectors released in solderless pressed version. They are made from extremely flexible wires with diameters 0.07 or 0.10mm. E-Cu-contact-husks are pressed into both ends of the connectors, they are not soldered onto the cable, but incorporated with high pressure known as a ruseidt-press-technology. This guarantees maximum compressing and total contact resistance. This method is the complete opposite of what was performed earlier; this technique makes use of a fully pressed braid-integrated contact-area. The pressure is so high that there is no threat of harmful gases and other environmental influences. The company uses only material E-CU and materials with similar conductance, eliminating the need for tin and similar materials. These connectors are noted for their excellent contact resistance.