AC motor / three-phase / 400 V / reversible
DR 52.1x60-2



  • AC/DC:

    AC, three-phase

  • Voltage :

    400 V

  • Other characteristics:

    reversible, 2-pole, rugged

  • Torque:

    0.082 Nm (0.0605

  • Power:

    22 W (0.03 hp)

  • Rotational speed:

    2,600 rpm (16,336.28 rad.min-1)


Rugged design
Maintenance free during lifetime
Ball-bearings and surface cooling by built-in blower for maximum lifetime
Three-phase, two-pole design
Reversible rotational direction
Available in different lengths
Can be combined with gearboxes
IP 44 protected when flange-mounted
Insulation material according to VDE 0530, corresponds to insulation class F
Surface protected by passivated housing
End shields made of die-cast aluminium