triaxial accelerometer / piezoelectric / IEPE / miniature



  • Number of axes:


  • Technology:

    piezoelectric, IEPE

  • Other characteristics:

    miniature, with built-in electronics

  • Acceleration range:

    9,807 m/s² (32,175 ft/s²)

  • Frequency:

    Min.: 0.8 Hz

    Max.: 10,000 Hz


The Dytran model 3145A2 is a miniature IEPE accelerometer which weighs 2.3 grams. Coming with a resonant frequency of >45 kHz, the accelerometer also has a 5-40 mounting stud. A ceramic shear sensing element is incorporated in the device's stainless steel housing.

Some compatible accessories are the model 4110C current source power unit and the model 6265 magnetic mounting base.