desiccant breather / for tanks

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desiccant breather / for tanks desiccant breather / for tanks


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    for tanks


The Eaton tank breather filters "breathe" air in and out as the oil level rises and falls. The filters prevent the penetration of contamination from the ambient air in the hydraulic fluid. This circulating air contains articles and moisture that can cause corrosion, increase equipment wear, and reduce fluid performance. In typical systems, the internal hydraulic fluid is warmer than the external environment. This difference in temperatures causes water vapor to form. Breathers protect your hydraulic system by filtering out damaging moisture and particles.

Desiccant air breathers prevent water and other contaminants from entering fluid reservoirs where differential pressures can occur through thermal expansion and contraction of the fluid, or during filling or emptying procedures. Breathers utilize the entire filter area and have the ability to extract water vapor out of the air as soon as it enters the unit. Accompanying solid particles are removed by a 3 um absolute glass filter, allowing only clean, dry air to enter the system.


Refillable with drying agent
Available with adapter and clogging indicator
Replacement spin-on air filter available separately
Seal and plastic plug prevent moisture entering before installation


Hydraulic systems
Bearing lubrication systems
Mobile earthmoving equipment
Robotic hydraulic systems
Mobile tank systems
Diesel fuel storage tanks
Transformers with oil cooling systems
Vacuum and welding chambers
Agricultural equipment