nylon abrasive disc / grinding / cleaning / for metal



  • Disc material:


  • Applications:

    grinding, cleaning

  • Treated material:

    for metal

  • Diameter:

    125 mm


Cleans and removes pore-deep paint, rust, scale and dirt on all materials. Similar effect to sand-blasting; as it cleans without removing material. Ideal for car bodywork, the automotive industry, in shipyards and conservation work by commercial decorators and builders.

• Pore-deep clean of metals and other materials
• Cleans without removing material from the workpiece and without damaging the basic material
• Does not smear, even when heavily soiled
• Particularly good at removing paint and lacquer coatings on wood, stone and metal, e.g. window frames, doors, furniture, cladding, railings, fences, machines, boat hulls, propellers, and for removing graffiti/ impurities on concrete
• No metal content whatsoever and therefore no risk of corrosion
• The ideal cleaning disc for removing pore-deep paint, lacquer, rust, scale and oil smears
• Ideal for use in the car bodywork engineering (no straight-through grinding on thin sheet metals), in the automotive industry (underbody protection), for renovation jobs and commercial painting and building work
• Removes paint and fungal attacks on wood quickly and easily