ceramic abrasive disc / cleaning / for metal



  • Disc material:


  • Applications:


  • Treated material:

    for metal

  • Diameter:

    125 mm


Clean and lightly grind stainless steel weld seams or remove spot welds and mini-seams in a single work step. That is what the new STAINLESS-CLEAN Unitized disc was developed for. This red hard fleece, compressed into individual layers, leaves behind no discolouration or black spots on the workpiece. It cleans and smooths stainless steel or steel weld seam surfaces quickly, harmonises and smooths weld seams, and gives them the same perfect, high-level gloss – even in corners. Because of the ceramic grit used and the hard fleece structure, STAINLESS-CLEAN Unitized discs generate a light stream of sparks and have an unusually high service life (several times that of normal cleaning discs). The new kind of STAINLESS-CLEAN Unitized disc does not smear up and adheres to nearly the entire surface of the natural fibre backing plate, enormously extending the material’s service life. MAGNUM® STAINLESS-CLEAN Unitized will become indispensable in metalworking, especially of stainless steel.

• The backing plate is made of a natural fibre compound for easy trimming. No fibre glass components were used.
• The integrated M14 threads mean that no locking nut is necessary – no risk of contamination from the workpiece touching the steel locking nut
• Long service life guaranteed due to application on a larger surface (more than 50% larger) than narrow, conventional cleaning rings!