nylon abrasive disc / grinding / cleaning / for metal



  • Disc material:


  • Applications:

    grinding, cleaning

  • Treated material:

    for metal

  • Diameter:

    125 mm


Newly designed cleaning wheel with intermediate abrasive flap layers. For an enhanced cleaning effect and longer disc service life. The stabilizing abrasive flaps prevent the CLEAN material from dissipating early. The improved grinding effect thus achieved makes removing scales, rust, burrs, and paint significantly more effective. The intermediate abrasive cloth layers wear uniformly with the cleaning fleece so that no disparities between the grinding components arise. The open, elastic CLEAN material pores prevent the grinding disc from clogging and achieve a sand-blast-like effect on metal. Weld seams are made clean and bright, pore-deep. On wood, this disc allows paint be removed quickly and effortlessly, and weathered wooden beams or planks can be renewed in no time.

•The backing plate is made of a natural fibre compound for easy trimming. No fibre glass components were used.
• The integrated M14 threads mean that no locking nut is necessary – no risk of contamination from the workpiece touching the steel locking nut.
• The intermediate abrasive flap layers, tailored to the CLEAN material, ensure uniform wear and therefore consistent grinding results.
• The quickest way to remove scales, rust, burrs, etc. from metals.
• Quick cleaning and renewing of wooden surfaces.