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Elcometer 3025



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    shearing, scratch resistance, resistance

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The Elcometer 3025 is a motorised scratch tester used to test the resistance of many materials to scratching, shearing, gouging, marring, scraping and engraving.
This portable instrument tests materials up to 12.7mm (½”) thick by 101mm (4”) square or round.
The height of the scale beam is adjusted by the user to match the thickness of the sample. The tool, a conical diamond tip, is then placed on the sample and the instrument is activated by the user with the On/Off switch.
The tip leaves a trace mark and the extent of this, in relation to the load used, indicates the degree of coating or material hardness. The turntable rotates at a constant 5rpm to ensure repeatability and reproducibility of tests. By changing the load on the tool, from 0 - 1000g (0 - 2.2lb), the sample’s scratch resistance can be evaluated.
Sample Cutter
The Sample Cutter cuts precise 106mm (4.2”) circular samples with a 6.35mm (0.25”) centre hole to prepare specimens for use with the Taber® Abrasers.
An easy counter-clockwise cutting motion allows the user to cut a variety of materials. Optional pads allowing cutting thicknesses of 0.03mm (0.001”), 4.74mm (0.187”) and 6.35mm (0.25”) are available.