brushless DC drive / 2-quadrant / compact



  • Type:

    brushless, 2-quadrant

  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    175 W

  • Current:

    5 A


Brushless DC motor speed controller is an integrated drive electronic device. It is made up of compact and robust materials. This equipment is very easy to use and has an integrated current limiting. It has a control parameters can be tuned to the application.

The drive has an adjustable current limit up to 5 A and can be powered by 12 - 40 V DC range of supply voltage. It is available in models ranging from 1.7" to 3.4" diameter. It has a power ratings from 26 to 700 watts. It can be customized to match the need in voltage, current, and maximum operating speed needed for your application. Shaft modifications, cables and connectors are also available upon request.