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RX3i CPE400



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    for controllers


RX3i CPE400 Controller
RX3i controllers provide the foundation for Industrial Internet connectivity. It is a powerful, modular Programmable Automation Controller with a focus on high availability. The RX3i features a single control engine and a universal programming environment to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms.

Built-in security protocols and a broad suite of cyber-security technology and tools help protect against attacks, prevent unauthorized code and application updates, and protect against man-in-the-middle and denial of service attacks.
outcome optimizing controllers can provide software upgrades, patches, and antivirus updates from a central location, with minimal system disruption
Scalable performance and multiple form factors support a wide variety of industrial applications.
PACEdge technology is pre-installed, allowing customers and OEM to use the CPL410 for a variety of use cases such as: Linux Co-Processer, Local Web-based HMI, Black Box Recorder & Data Logger, and Remote Alerts
Can be configured for simplex and redundant operation, at incremental frame rates as fast as 3ms in any configuration.
Built on a scalable, synchronized, hot-standby redundancy control platform, to ensure uninterrupted control of your applications and processes with total transparency with switchover time as fast as 300 msec