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GateKeeper® 200M

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GateKeeper® 200M Bulk Gas Purifiers
High-flow gas purification

Consistently delivers ultrapure gas
Designed for use with CDA or inert gases
Guards against impurity spikes from liquid storage tanks and inconsistent supply gas quality
Does not release hydrocarbons that may contaminate the process
Uses ambient temperature purification technology – no power or heat required
High-flow gas purification

Materials of construction:
316L stainless steel, electropolished 10 Ra
Model SS200MI : Nickel metallic

Model SS200MZ: Inorganic
Gases purified:
Model SS200MI: N2, He, Ne, Kr, Ar, halocarbons, light hydrocarbons

Model SS200MZ: CDA
Outlet purity:
Model SS200MI: N2 <1 ppb H2, CO, CO2; <100 ppt (parts-per-trillion) H2O, O2

Model SS200MZ: <1 ppb H2S, H2O, CO2, amines, acid gases, and alcohols; <100 ppt NOx; <10 ppt NH3; <1 ppt NMHC, siloxanes, SO2
Outlet particle filtration:
20 μm
Maximum differential pressure:
1379 kPa (200 PSID)
Minimum operating pressure:
101 kPa (14.7 PSIA)
Maximum flow rate:
20000 SLPM
Nominal flow rate:
3500 SLPM
Leak rating:
4 × 10-9 atm cc/sec.
Maximum inlet challenge of contaminant to maintain product efficiency:
10 ppm (part-per million)
One year at nominal flow rate with 1 ppm inlet challenge of moisture
Maximum operating temperature:
65°C (149°F)