cleaning nozzle / washing / for liquids / stainless steel



  • Function:

    cleaning, washing

  • Media:

    for liquids

  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Applications:

    for the food industry, for pharmaceutical applications, cleaning machine, for tanks, chemical

  • Other characteristics:

    rotary, rotating


This washing system is constructed entirely of stainless steel AISI 316. The rotating head cleaning is mounted on two ball bearings. All the internal and external surfaces are machined with high precision machine tools ensuring a smooth finish and an excellent quality of the product.
The heads are available in two different types of length for single wall tanks and with insulation.
Connections tri-clamp

The washing head reaches the working position, coming out from the cylinder, thanks to
the thrust generated from the entrance of the washing fluid, that at about 1 bar pressure
allows it to overcome the resistance of the spring. The passage of the liquid generates the motion of rotation of the rotating head on an axis. The speed of rotation depends on
the pressure and flow rate of the washing fluid, to have best results you should stick to the
values showing in the table. A rotation too fast made breaking of the jet in drops and loss
of impact strength. Once the washing cycle is finished, then stopped the passage of the
fluid, the rotary head will return to its initial position inside the cylinder thanks to the traction force generated by the spring