current transformer / instrument / industrial / telecommunications



  • Type:

    current, instrument

  • Applications:

    industrial, telecommunications

  • Current:

    Min.: 0 A

    Max.: 1,800 A


CT 80II, a much smaller and lighter current transformer, developed by Fanox, reaches up to 1800 A of primary current and has a transformers ratio of 1200/5. The product includes a sealable connection terminal box, metal bracketes for fitting and bus-bar holders. The overloading capacity of CT 80II is 1,5 IN, its frequency is 50/60 Hz, it has a maximum rated voltage of 0,72 kV, has a withstand voltage at industrial frequency of 3 kV, has a short circuit thermal current of 72 kA, has a dynamic current of 2,5xlth, has an accuracy limit of 150%, has a security factor of 5, and its isolation class is E. The sections and acceptable cables are 1×240 mm2, 2×240 mm2, 3×240 mm2, 4×240 mm2, 5×240 mm2, 1×300 mm2, 2×300 mm2 and 3×300 mm2. The minimum primary pass is through a dimension of 81×65 mm2.