hydro-pneumatic riveter / oleo-pneumatic / for blind rivets / for structural rivets
RAC 2200



  • Operation:

    hydro-pneumatic, oleo-pneumatic

  • Applications:

    for blind rivets, for structural rivets

  • Other characteristics:

    with ejection system, break-mandrel

  • Rivet diameter:

    Min.: 2.4 mm

    Max.: 6 mm


RAC 2200 is a hydro-pneumatic tool feasible for assembly line usage. It has booster power apart the body tool. Riveting can be used for FarBolt, Magna-Lok®, Monobolt®, by assembling the KIT cod 740000040 that are composed of 71345476 clamps for 3 rivets pieces, 717016 1 piece Nozzle and 717018 1 piece Nozzle.

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