turning spindle / hydraulic



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This spindle has no clutch or a handle therefore bringing the work-piece to the vice is carried out by rotating the pneumo cylinder. This is an ideal spindle for large serial work-pieces, given that it only opens and closes 4 mm automatically. It only needs to have a 6 bar pressure compressed air supply; directly from the compressor. As it is a single-acting cylinder, it only has a single entry and exit port; greatly simplifying its installation on the machine. Automatic working with this system can be easily carried out, as it can be commanded using a signal from the machine, using a solenoid valve without an operator being present. In addition, it can also carry out work which is not in series; the spindle is completely ergonomic, as the handle does not need to be rotated. It can also be commanded with a pedal, leaving the operators hand free to place the work-piece in position. This spindle needs dry and lubricated air supplied by a compressor. Pneumo-hydraulic spindle.