machining spindle / vertical / horizontal / hydraulic



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    vertical, horizontal, hydraulic


This unique model is a double effect cylinder with an internal pressure multiplier. To operate it needs to be supplied with oil at 70 bar pressure. With its interior intensifier, it transforms this initial pressure into a clamping force of 5000 kg. In addition, it automatically opens and closes to a distance of 4 mm.
These two advantages, input pressure of only 70 bar and automatic opening and closing, make this spindle ideal for use in horizontal and vertical machining centres which have an independent internal hydraulic group. In addition, it is compact and easy to use. With the handle, the moveable jaw is placed at three or four millimetres from the work-piece and then by means of a manual valve or the machine’s CNC solenoid valve, high pressure clamping can be carried out. Thanks to this, it can work with robotized processes.