color spectrophotometer / portable / sphere / USB
GL Spectis 1.0 T Flicker



  • Spectrum:


  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, USB, sphere

  • Technical applications:

    for color measurement, measuring, for analysis, for the automotive industry, for spectral analysis

  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 780 nm

    Min.: 340 nm


An upgraded version of the very successful Spectis 1.0 Touch spectral light meter, this new variant takes portable light measurement to a new level. This innovative new light spectrometer instrument can now measure flicker of light in addition to the extensive range of standard photometric and colorimetric values available on the Spectis 1.0 Touch for color and intensity…all within seconds.

The Spectis 1.0 Touch light flicker meter is now equipped with additional electronics and fast photodiode to measure flicker frequency, flicker index and flicker ratio. Designed and developed in consultation with industry leaders and standards committees, this device provides all the measurement quantities required to accurately measure and understand flicker.

Tommorrow’s Metrics, Today

Stay ahead of the competition by incorporating flicker measurements in your suite of optical testing. While still only an emerging requirement in many areas, characterizing flicker will soon become the norm. New metrics like SVM and California Title 24, we have it covered!

A True All-in-One Instrument

Why use multiple measurement devices to characterize your light when it can all be captured with a single portable light spectrometer. Less devices to carry, and less reports to combine. Get it all with the push of a button. Use it to collect spectral and flicker data in the lab or field. Need additional analysis or reporting capabilities?

Flexibility Re-Defined

The Spectis 1.0 Touch light flicker meter offers a great standalone solution, but can also be paired with a range of accessories. From integrating spheres to goniometers, in the lab or the field,