IR spectrometer / UV/VIS / for laboratories / for analysis
GL Spectis 5.0 Touch



  • Type:

    IR, UV/VIS

  • Field:

    for laboratories, for analysis, R&D, for scientific applications, for production, measurement, for LED lighting, agriculture, for displays, indoor/outdoor

  • Other characteristics:

    NIR, compact, high-resolution, goniometer, USB, fiber optic, optical low stray light, high-precision, handheld, for quality control, portable, for production, VIS/NIR, pre-calibrated

  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 1,050 nm

    Min.: 200 nm


With the Spectis 5.0 Touch optical spectrometer, the accuracy and configurability of portable light measurement devices have been taken to a new level. Until now, photometric and radiometric accuracy this high was only available in high-end lab systems. Using this state-of-the-art spectral light measurement instrument, you can get lab grade data anywhere you go. Our light spectrometers are individually calibrated to deliver precise results quickly, with options to include our industry-leading Spectrosoft Analysis suite for advanced analysis and reporting.

This truly unique LED spectrometer can be configured to cover an extended spectral range from UV to NIR using a single sensor, calibrated for absolute measurements from 200nm to 1050 nm. The practical design of this instrument allows for various types of measurements for a range of different applications. From UV measurements in Photobiological Safety tests through lab accuracy VIS range LED lamps evaluation to IR range tests of LEDs in medical application. The Spectis 5.0 optical spectrometer has you covered.

Global Standard Accuracy

The Spectis 5.0 touch optical light meter features a large laboratory grade back-thinned CCD sensor from Hamamatsu delivering extraordinary stability over longer exposure times. The device is calibrated with the use of reference standards which are traceable to National laboratories and confirmed by the globally recognized factory calibration. Electronic dark current levels are monitored automatically with intelligent compensation for any drift due to temperature fluctuations.