managed ethernet switch / gigabit Ethernet / layer 2 / EN50155
AOBO 9016



  • Type:


  • Network:

    gigabit Ethernet, layer 2

  • Other characteristics:

    EN50155, waterproof

  • Applications:



AOBO 9016 series is a new managed product of layer 2 gigabit Ethernet EN50155 industrial ethernet switch. Ethernet switches can provide 12 Fast or M12 ethernet electrical interface.Especially suitable for severe vibration shock application scenarios.The AOBO 9016 series can be selected to support the IEEE802.3af/at standard, providing POE/POE+ power supply function, and the maximum POE output power of the whole machine reaches 70W.The switch adopts industrial grade wide temperature devices, and the EMC level reaches the level 4 above GBT-17626 standard, which can be operated in a long and stable environment under harsh environment and electromagnetic environment.

Main features:

 specially designed for severe impact vibration environment, anti-corrosive, moistureproof, prevent salt fog ability

 support M12 interface forms, ensuring the sealing of the interface and soundness is EN50155 standard

 optional support IEEE802.3 af/ats standard, provide the POE/POE + power supply function

 this part up to four gigabit light mouth or electricity mouth (support link aggregation + ABPASS)

 up to 12 MB or gigabit electric (up to 8 POE + port))

 MB electricity: 4 core M12 code (D) interface

 all the way to the Console interface, RS232, M12 interface form

 support ABPass power link protection function.

 inhibition, VLAN, QOS, the broadcast storm port Settings, and other functions

 support port speed, port isolation, ports polymerization, mirror, etc

 support STP/RSTP/MSTP spanning tree ring network redundancy protocols

 support IGMP snooping and GMRP multicast management functions

 operating temperature range: - 40 ~ 85 ℃