optical data cable / breakout / single-mode / IEC



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    single-mode, IEC, low-loss


The MTP Back-Bone cable is pre-terminated and pre-tested ensuring the highest performance. The MTP Connector is the low loss Elite® Connector from US Conec and is compatible with all RapidNet MTP Cassettes. The MTP Back-Bone cable can be used for high density patching between two MTP ports and is particularly suited to applications where space is limited.

US Conec MTP brand Connectors provide quick and simple connection for 12 or 24 fibres in a single housing. The Elite® low loss Connector ensures the optical alignment through patented high precision pins and floating ferrule and conforms to IEC 61754-7 and TIA 604-5. NB. Part numbers shown are for 10m length, other lengths are available. The standard fan out breakout length is 0.5m for cable lengths between 2m to 5m and 1m for cable lengths over 5m.