nitrogen dioxide gas sensor / nitrogen monoxide / exhaust / SO2



  • Gas type:

    nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, exhaust, SO2

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    miniature, maintenance-free, RS232, RS485


Gasboard-2200 series UV-DOAS gas bench adopt high-precision ultraviolet differential absorption spectroscopy gas analysis technology. With flashing xenon lamp as light source, when the light is transmitted in the measured gas, the intensity of the differential absorption characteristic produced is different which is used to derive the gas concentration & gas type Using a unique algorithm, the long path is returned to the gas chamber multiple times to get high sensitivity & strong absorption signal, at the same time it support long service life and good stability. It can accurately measure the gas concentration of SO2, NO and NO2. The measurement range is less than 100mg/m3, which can completely fulfill the needs of the ultra-low emission monitoring market.

• Advanced UV DOAS working principle for ultra low range monitoring
• Direct measurement of NO2 without NOx converter
• High measurement accuracy
• Good stability, strong anti-interference, not affected by moisture & vibration
• Sensor modular design, easy to integrate & maintenance
• Automatic temperature and pressure compensation

Measurement: SO2, NO, NO2
SO2,NO: 0~100~2000ppm
Measurement range can be customized
Linear Error:<±2% FS
Zero/Span drift:<2.5% FS/ 7days

Ultra-low emission flue gas detection
Motor vehicle exhaust emission test
Chemical plant gas concentration measurement
Combustion boiler emission gas measurement
Industrial wastewater treatment gas monitoring
Biogas project purification, monitoring before and after desulfurization
Industrial process gas monitoring
Gas Analyzer / System Integration