universal testing machine / force / compression / tensile
CMT-L series



  • Test type:

    force, compression, universal, tensile, bending, tension, abrasion, endurance, break force, shearing, tensile strength, compression resistance, tension/compression, friction, coefficient of friction, friction, pressure, tensile stress relaxation

  • Sector:

    for laboratories, for the construction industry

  • Test material:

    for plastics, materials, for pipes, for rubber, for brake linings, brake, for building materials, for sheet metal, for plastic film, for latex, for adhesive tape, for organic fabrics, for cables, for wire ropes and strands, for high-voltage insulators, for elastomers, for film, adhesive, spring, for paper, for plastic pipes, for textiles, for medical packaging, for elastic foam, for packaging

  • Other characteristics:

    electronic, vertical, digital, static, 90-180°, servo-hydraulic, table-top, modular, computer-controlled, high peel strength, automatic, electric, axial, servo-motor, servo-mechanical, coating plasticity, mechanical, motorized


CMT-L Single Beam Computer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine

Liangong CMT-L series single-arm microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine is mainly for the tension, peeling and tearing of metal wire, metal foil, plastic, food packaging, textile fiber, wire and cable, glue, Crack and other tests.

CMT series single column electronic universal testing machine is used for metal and nonmetal(including composite materials) tensile,compression,bending,shear,striping,tear,load,relaxation,reciprocating and other static mechanical property test and analytical investigation, which can calculate the test parameters automatically like ReH,ReL,Rp0.2,Fm,Rt0.5,Rt0.6,Rt0.65,Rt0.7,Rm,E and so on, and can test and provide data according to GB,ISO,DIN,ASTM,JIS and other international standard.