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plastic hinge / stainless steel / constant-torque / spring
KH series



  • Material:

    plastic, stainless steel

  • Type:

    constant-torque, spring


Conventional spring type hinges can lose their stiffness and seize up to damage mating parts if used in high temperature environments or where excessive cycling increases the temperature inside the hinge.

KATO Hexatorq Hinges (KH) uses an innovative hexatorq design utilizing a modern engineered plastic resin which requires no lubrication. In fact, in an elevated temperature application, Hextorq hinges experience a predictable drop-off in torque, returning to original torque values after a minimal cool down period. This means no damage to your expensive part!

Hexatorq hinges are offered in standard sizes to meet virtually all common application requirements. We've done the testing for you! Our standard sizes and configurations were determined through extensive design, endurance testing and product validation. By utilizing KATO's Hexatorq hinges you can significantly reduce your typical design and manufacturing time.

KATO Hexatorq hinges come in two styles:
KATO Hexatorq Hinges With Brackets
With Brackets
(Left or Right Hand Mounting)

KATO Hexatorq Hinges Without Brackets
Without Brackets