roll-up door / industrial / exterior



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    industrial, exterior


Fast Wall is a special type of door designed and produced by Kopron consisting of a rigid panel surface with a vertical roll-up movement and guarantees robustness, safety and functionality. Roller Shutters is ideal for frequent use and fits in any environment without occupying much space, it insulates rooms by keeping the temperature at a high level.

- Minimum space occupied, the rigid surface neatly rolls up behind the door frame, without interfering with other spaces of the warehouse.
- The special joining knots between the parts reduce drastically thermal dispersion and allow an excellent adherence to the rigid surface during roll up movements.
- The surface is made of specially shaped insulated panels with a width of 20 mm which guarantee sturdiness and safety of the structure.
- A first class motor directly coupled on a big size shaft, is installed on the outside to enable maintenance operations and can be of two types: with constant speed or variable speed with INVERTER (applicable only for some sizes).