nickel-plated brass cable gland / stainless steel / brass / IP66
PA B series



  • Material:

    nickel-plated brass, stainless steel, brass

  • Protection level:


  • Other characteristics:

    threaded, strain relief, for non-armored cables

  • Cable diameter:

    Min.: 4 mm

    Max.: 78 mm

  • Operating temperature:

    Min.: -40 °C (-40 °F)

    Max.: 100 °C (212 °F)

  • Thread diameter:

    Min.: 0.5 in

    Max.: 4 in


The Liquid-tight Strain Relief Cable Gland is an IP 66 rated cable gland designed for operations in indoors with increased humidity. It is also applicable to oils and dusts and for outdoor environments. Also, the Liquid-tight Strain Relief Cable Gland can be used for uncovered wire with sealing elements for conductors.