coextrusion extrusion head / pipe / multilayer / single-layer
KPH series



  • Type:


  • Extrusion part:


  • Other characteristics:

    multilayer, single-layer


You may produce many products with different KUATRO Die-Heads materials. Different head designs for the materials having different properties are made by the experienced engineers of KUATRO.

Many innovations are developed by taking in to account especially the characteristics of the thermoplastic materials developed in the recent period in spécial head and mould design.

Many innovation for manufacturing of such type pipes are developed by us and offered to the service of the sector based on the fact that increase in the use of multi-layer pipes that are used by co-extrusion and the demand to such type pipes will increase in the future.

Double lines and heads which are developed to provide high efficiency in small diameter Products hâve many advantages especially in terms of process.