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automatic labeler / in-line / for bottles



  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    in-line, for bottles

  • Throughput:

    160 p/min


The Label-Aire's IL6000FBN Inline 6000 Front/Back & Neck Labeling System, was developed as a solution for front, back and neck label applying on differently shaped containers, at speeds of up to 160 products per minute. This unit eliminates problems such as skewed label placement and bubbles, common with standard machines. This unit represents a custom modification of the standard Inline Series 6000 open-frame labeling system, allowing accommodation of up to three 3115 Wipe-On applicators. One is located near the in-feed, for neck labeling, while the other two are placed at opposite sides of the 14 foot long conveyor. Additionally, the unit features custom layered wipe-down squeegees, and a chain aligner, located near the in-feed, providing accurate alignment of oval-shaped containers, before the top trap hold down unit.