compounding extruder / for rubber / for hot-melt / co-rotating twin-screw
TM M series



  • Applications:


  • Treated material:

    for rubber, for hot-melt

  • Number of screws:

    co-rotating twin-screw


The extruder TM-M series, characterized by a specific torque of 8 Nm/cm3 and 600 rpm as maximum rotation speed, represents the consolidated technology with high reliability that Maris company has been producing and selling since years.
The characteristics of these machines have allowed their success in all the fields of compounding, reactive extrusion, etc.

High performance polymers
Hot melt adhesives
Thermoplastic rubbers for footwear, automotive and medical.
High filled compounds

Auto extinguishing compounds with and without halogens
Toner for photocopiers
Reactive extrusion
Synthesis of polymers
TM-M series extruders allow these processes to reach the maximum quality level and a very good productivity vs. price ratio.