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analysis microscope / measuring / surface roughness / inspection

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analysis microscope / measuring / surface roughness / inspection analysis microscope / measuring / surface roughness / inspection - LensAFM


  • Technical applications:

    for analysis, measuring, surface roughness, inspection, for surface inspection

  • Type:

    atomic force

  • Ergonomics:

    upright, compact

  • Other characteristics:

    high-resolution, long working distance, simple installation, topography, for polished samples, for integration microscope and profilometer

  • Resolution:

    Min.: 14 µm

    Max.: 110 µm


Extend the resolution of your optical microscope
The Nanosurf LensAFM is an atomic force microscope that continues where optical microscopes and profilometers reach their resolution limits. It is mounted like a normal objective lens, thus extending the resolution and measuring capabilities of these instruments. The LensAFM not only provides 3D surface topography information, but can be used to analyze various physical properties of a measurement sample as well.
Perform AFM measurements with the instrument you are used to
In an ever increasing number of situations, researchers want to combine optical and atomic force microscopy techniques. The ease of use, screening capability and (lack of) sample preparation requirements of optical microscopes is almost unparalleled. However, sometimes a 100x objective is not enough and you would like to have a closer look at some small features that go beyond the resolution of the instrument. In a regular laboratory setting you would require two dedicated instruments and it would be necessary to transfer the sample from one device to the other. With the LensAFM this is not the case. With its exceptionally small design and clever mounting mechanism all you need to do is rotate the turret on your optical microscope or profilometer and run the scan.