compression test bench / tensile / tension / tension/compression
200 lb | FGS-100H



  • Test type:

    compression, tensile, tension, tension/compression, fatigue, force, shearing resistance, friction, endurance, constant load, displacement force, burst, for burst testing, peel force, peel

  • Other characteristics:

    mobile, for laboratories, manual, mechanical


The FGS-100H Test Stand(110 lb capacity - hand wheel operated) are capable of obtaining an accurate, consistent results without availing a high-cost motorized system. The lever-operated stand is ideal for its rapid testing capability while the hand-wheel stand is works well in an operation where a more precise control is needed. Wide variety of gauges are compatible with these test stands due to its versatility. These stands are specifically designed for a precise, balanced and durable outputs. These also suit a limitless range of materials.