fiberglass tape / self-adhesive / high temperature-resistant / for the automotive industry



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    self-adhesive, high temperature-resistant, for the automotive industry


The Fibreglass Weld Backing Tape of BSTFlex features a high intermittent with 593°C of continuous exposure. This device is generally used for welding thin wall stainless steel from one side. The most used Weld Backing Tape is the 3" wide aluminum tape with adhesive strips on both sides of a 1" wide woven tape strip in between.

Fibreglass Weld Backing Tape is a great substitute for back purging and can offer advantages by simply sticking a strip of self adhesive welding tape to the back of the weld. This product delivers minimized purging, less post weld dressing, lower fettling, and smoother flatter weld finish. It can also deliver a better weld integrity and improve the visual aspects of the product.