dense phase pneumatic conveying system / powder / cyclone
VFLOW® series



  • Type:

    dense phase

  • Product applications:

    powder, cyclone


To convey without material damage
A range of five vacuum conveying cyclones for pneumatic transfer without damage of powders and granules. Coupled with weighing systems, they allow a weight-controlled introduction of raw materials in your manufacturing process.

Flow rate from 5 to 10.000 l/h.
Steel, 304L and 316L stainless steel construction

3 main functions

1. Vacuum conveying
2. Dosing of the product conveyed
3. Weighing

The new generation powder pumps developed by the PALAMATIC PROCESS design office. Provides for dense vacuum transfer and prevents material deterioration continuously and confined in your powder handling production processes. Particularly suited to difficult materials (poor flow, fragility, abrasiveness, or explosive materials), this cyclone is easily installed in your environment with unlimited extension options. Suction from several feed points and / or feeding several points in your process. Coupled with weighing systems, it provides for weight-controlled introduction of raw materials. Also provides feeding a pressurized reactor vessel and feeding materials without added air.