sensor monitor / conductivity / temperature rise / digital



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    conductivity, temperature rise

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• Monitors for use with SciLog® Single-Use Sensors are available for the full range of sensors: SciPres® Pressure Sensors, SciCon® Conductivity Sensors, and SciTemp® Temperature Sensors.
• In addition to displaying the outputs for its specific sensor type, each monitor will read and display the unique sensor serial number and factory calibration information recorded on each SciLog® Sensor's memory chip.
• When connected to a PC using SciDoc™ Software, available separately, real-time documentation of sensor data can be completely automated.
• SciPres® Pressure Sensor Monitors can handle up to 3 pressure sensor inputs (P1, P2 and P3) simultaneously and have a user selectable readout permitting the display of transmembrane pressure (TMP) and differential pressure (dP).
• SciCon® Conductivity Sensor Monitors display conductivity and temperature for a single sensor, and display a conductivity range of 1µS/cm to 200mS/cm and a temperature range of 0° to 50°C.
• SciTemp® Temperature Sensor Monitors can read up to 2 sensor inputs simultaneously and displays T1, T2 and differential temperature (DT) with an accuracy of +/- 0.5° C in the 4.00° to 70.00° C range.
• 3 TTL alarm switches on the SciTemp® Monitor and 4 TLL alarm switches on the SciPres® and SciCon® Monitors, with relevant user selectable high/low limits for each monitor.
• Monitors have both analogue and digital (RS-232) outputs.
• Growth Media Preparation
• Bioreactor Maintenance
• Cell Culture Harvest
• Buffer Preparation
• Product Filtration
• Tangential Flow Filtration
• Virus Control
• Bulk Drug Dispense