steam filter / cartridge / stainless steel / sterilization

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steam filter / cartridge / stainless steel / sterilization steam filter / cartridge / stainless steel / sterilization - 23/75R


  • Designed for:

    for steam

  • Filtration element:


  • Other characteristics:

    sterilization, stainless steel

  • Operating pressure:

    5.5 bar (79.771 psi)


The 23R Steam Filter for Hospital Steam Sterilization Systems contains a patented Microfibre® filter cartridge in a rugged stainless steel housing designed for steam service. Standard items include a stainless steel condensate drain and high quality bleeder valve. The system arrives ready for easy installation.

Steam enters the housing and moves into an expansion chamber, where much of the condensate is removed from the steam by the abrupt change in flow direction and velocity. The steam then flows upward in the housing,through the Grade R Microfibre filter cartridge, and downward to the exit port. The water draining from the filter cartridges and expansion chamber is removed from the housing by the automatic condensate drain. The Grade R Microfibre filter cartridge, the heart of the 23/75R Steam Filter, combines sturdy construction with remarkably efficient filtration of solid particles and liquid droplets. The cartridge is rated at 98+% at 0.1 micron. Solid particles remain trapped in the depth of the filter cartridge, and liquid water drips from the filter cartridge to the automatic drain. The Microfibre filter cartridge is constructed from chemically inert borosilicate glass fibers and fluorocarbon resin binder. The filter cartridge is completely free of impurities which could extract into the steam.

The Balston 23/75R Steam Filter is recommended for use on 3/4" and 1" steam lines (line sizes for the vast majority of steam sterilization systems). Please consult our technical support department for recommendations on filters for larger steam lines. Use only products designed specifically for steam filtration in steam installations.