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opLabBox ver 2.0



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OPLabBox 2.0 is particularly well suited for ultrasonic measurements. Wide bandwidth amplifier with a switched bandpass filter and integrated pulser makes this device suitable for a variety of ultrasonic applications in the industry as well as in the laboratory.

It is designed to work as a self-sufficient scope adapter, however, it can be used as an expansion box to other signal processing devices. Together with our ultrasonic testing devices enables to implement a complete ultrasonic system with full hardware and software support.

Power supply:
-Supply Voltage: 12V DC (10.5-15V)
-Power: Typ 2.5W, max 6W
Size: 200x110x43[mm]
Analog parameters:
-Input channels: 2 (switched): send & receive and receive
-Input range: 550mVpp
-Input impedance: 50 / 200 ohms
-Bandwidth [-3dB]: 40kHz to 25MHz
-High Pass Filter [Hz]: 40k, 80k, 160k, 320k, 640k, 1.25M, 2.5M, 5M
-Low Pass Filter [Hz]: 200k, 400k, 800k, 1.6M, 3.2M, 6.4M, 12.5M, 25M
-Input amplifier gain: 104dB total gain range: -10 to 70dB step 0.1dB, +0 or +24dB post amplifier.
-Output range: 2.5Vpp
-Output impedance: 50 ohms
Trigger: Internal or external
PRF: max 10kHz
Pulser: Step pulser, 0V -360V fluently regulated
Memory: Memory settings up to 10 sets
Remote control: USB (virtual RS232 COM)

OPLabBox is a wide bandwidth (40kHz to 25MHz) low-noise amplifier with a switched bandpass filters and integrated step pulser. The device can be used in classic ultrasonic applications with one or two ultrasonic transducers as well as universal broadband signal amplifier. The new design has a graphical 2-inch LCD display and user-friendly interface. Remote control functionality allows being used in automatic measurements setups.