laser welding machine / AC / automatic / CNC
PE-W300 450 600



  • Technique:


  • Power source:


  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    CNC, single-phase, CE, metal, steel sheet metal

  • Power:

    Min.: 0 W

    Max.: 500 W

    300 W, 400 W, 500 W



The stainless steel laser welding machine is used for making a variety of stainless steel letter welding, LED luminous characters, AD Logos, signs and other fast welding.The stainless steel laser welding machine weld 0.1-2mm stainless steel, galvanized plate and bronzing plate; 2mm copper and aluminum alloy (use 500w laser welder).

★Product Features:

1.Laser head can electrically move back and forth, up and down, left and right and rotate 360 degree. 

2. Heat affected zone of the stainless steel laser welding machine is small. The stainless steel laser welding machine's work piece surface will not deformed.

3. For letters in the advertising industry, there is specially lengthened optical path and the telescopic scope can be added to 800mm.

4. There is no raised spot after welding. The stainless steel laser welding machine doesn't need polishing process. Saving time and labor. The appearance is beautiful and tight.

5. The stainless steel laser welding machine has optional CCD monitor. The welding effect is more clear and intuitive.

6. The specially designed stainless steel letter laser welding machine's long focal distance lens F=200 mm to meet the demand for ultra-high font welding.