poly V belt / ribbed / rubber / industrial
PIX Thermal - XC



  • Type:

    poly V, ribbed

  • Material:


  • Application:

    industrial, for machine tools

  • Other characteristics:

    thermal, heat-resistant, high temperature-resistant


PIX-THERMAL®-XC: High Temperature Belts

There are certain applications where the ambient temperature of the drive is consistently on a higher side. In keeping pace with the high temperature requirement, the Belts need to be resistant to deteriorating effects of high temperature environment.

PIX-THERMAL® series Belts are recommended for such applications.

• Temperature range: -35°C to +130°C
• High temperature resistant
• Longer service life
• Resistant to crack and damage, even at high temperature
• Higher power transmission capacity compared to regular Belts
• Sections: PJ, PK, PL

Product Range: PJ, PK, PL