compression load cell / button type / high-sensitivity / high-precision



  • Type:


  • Form:

    button type

  • Other characteristics:

    high-sensitivity, high-precision, stainless steel, for hopper scales, strain gauge, precision, with overload protection, high-capacity, IP68, rugged, submersible, waterproof, weighing, for scales, for hoppers, for tanks, for silos, for harsh environments

  • Rated load:

    Max.: 50,000 kg (110,231.13 lb)

    Min.: 100 kg (220.46 lb)


This is the long awaited new IP68 stainless steel and welded mini-disk PT7000. This is the perfect device to upgrade existing devices with a high performance weighing system and installs a higher level of protection.
The PT7000 is the best sealed stainless steel compression cell of low profile that has ever been offered. This utilizes the same technology employed by the famous HPC truckcell in its welding techniques. This device is suited for all kinds of hoppers, silos, tanks and other industrial weighing projects. If a complete cell upgrade is not desired the PT7000 can be used with a current LPX model. When mixed with an existing LPX the upgraded plate needs to follow the LPX replacement detail.
It is no longer needed to bolt the device through the bottom plate. it has become a simple load cell which can be dropped in. It can be easily replaced for repairs and maintenance.