color control software / for LED screen / for LED color correction / for LED light correction



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    for color control, for LED screen, for LED color correction, for LED light correction, for led measurement, for led screen measurement

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Advanced system for automated color and brightness correction of LED modules and screens

VisionCAL is a patented, turnkey solution for LED screen manufacturers and installers that can be used to dramatically improve color and brightness uniformity in many LED displays. The system is designed to be flexible enough to address LED module correction needs in a controlled factory environment and to also perform in-field correction of the large, spectacular LED video screens used in stadiums, in arenas, for outdoor advertising, or for large indoor displays.

VisionCAL optimizes LED screen appearance

The most cost-effective and adaptable method of achieving color and brightness uniformity for LED screens takes advantage of the science of LEDs and LED screen pixels: LED brightness can be reliably regulated by adjusting the power supplied to an individual LED, and the perceived color of an LED pixel can be adjusted by color mixing.

VisionCAL uses a ProMetric Imaging Colorimeter to measure the color and brightness of every LED in an LED module or screen. Based on this measurement, VisionCAL application software then computes optimal correction coefficients for each LED and LED screen pixel. When these correction coefficients are applied to an incoming video signal the result is a screen with uniform brightness and color performance, with a specified color gamut that allows predictable color representation. The overall viewer experience is enhanced because the display is uniform and colors are accurate.

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