analysis software / optical / for light source analysis / for ray set generation



  • Function:


  • Applications:

    optical, for light source analysis, for ray set generation, for light measurement, for light source characterization

  • Operating system:

    32/64-bit Windows system

  • Other characteristics:

    with EULUMDAT files generation, with IES file generation, with radiant source model generation


ProSource® enables optical system designers to fully exploit Radiant Source Models (RSMs) of light sources and lighting systems. RSMs are the most accurate method for describing the near-field output of real light sources in optical and illumination design software because they contain full measurement information, including luminance images, from all viewing angles for the light source or lighting system. This provides full flexibility in analysis and in ray set generation.

ProSource 10 features include:

- Create photopic ray sets for all major optical and illumination design software systems.
- Generation of advanced spectral ray sets, supporting detailed color simulations which are critical for sources whose color varies as a function of angle.
- Support for the new compressed Radiant Source Model (RSMx) format, which reduces RSM files sizes to less than that of a 5M ray file—and making it straightforward to use and share detailed source data
- Generation of IES and EULUMDAT files for illumination design.
- Computation of Unified Glare Rating (UGR).

ProSource 10 is available in two editions:

- ProSource 10SE provides full RSM analysis, ray set generation, and IES and EULUMDAT file generation capabilities.
- ProSource 10DB provides all the features of ProSource 10SE plus full access to the on-line RSM database containing models for more than 600 industry standard light sources.

ProSource 10 capabilities are built-in to OpticStudio and Zemax 13. ProSource 10 allows other illumination design software to access the same source data and ray sets and still get nbeatable measured accuracy. ProSource 10 also allows ASAP®, LightTools®, FRED®, TracePro® and others.

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